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"And Wear Fur Coats Pt2"
Monday, December 18, 2017

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Holi-daze?! o.O

Email Me Biff on Twitter -
As you might've guessed, I haven't finished the next strip yet.

I haven't really started on it. It's back on the desk after having to take a backseat to "Christmas Stuff" but it will be worked on soon enough. = )

Another thing I wanted to get done that's stalled for different reasons was a nice little Holiday message for when I kick back to write for a while in January. That's stopped 'cause of "Stupid Artist Problems". Since I don't have much Biff-related goodness, I'll discuss that.

Those who know me elsewhere know I have my little cat character, Prophet, as my online face. Been that way since the 'Net as we know it was new and (to an extent) before that. For some reason, this cat that I've been drawing since I was an Actual Kid isn't coming together like it should. Best I figure is because he and I have changed. He looks like how I Used to look.

As strange as it sounds (And it sounds Very Strange, Indeed), I stopped looking like "Me" a bit ago. I haven't had a flat top in over a year. I don't really shave as often as I used to so I don't normally have that goatee like I used to always rock. Proph has - to and certain extent - stopped being a good visual representation of me.

So what do I do? I gave him my glasses after years without them. I could give him my shaggy look and long hair but that doesn't feel as right. I could simply use my own image but that defeats the purpose of using an avatar like Proph in my day-to-day. He acts as a bit of a middleman. I can have him be my face while still allowing me to be myself with a certain level of anonymity. I like that barrier and would like to keep it if I can (despite the fact that my Artist Pic here is an honest self portrait).

My option is simple: Stop overthinking things. If need be, I can use Techie - a mouse character from the project that Biff directly supplanted called "Project: Alice" - as I'm looking more like him nowadays than my classic cat self. I could draw up something entirely new as that is well within my job skills. After all, I made Proph... I can make a new critter to be my digital face for a while.

Then again... this is that nebulous week between Christmas and New Year's where thoughts drift to memories of years past as everyone and their uncle does "Year In Review" things. Forced nostalgia for days that never were and all that.

These are the thoughts running through my head while I take a breather after a year that's felt like decades. = P

If you made it this far... I'm sorry for the ramblings. I'm getting to the strip after this posts and I get some business stuff sussed out. I hope folks had a Merry Christmas/Damn Fine Monday and I'm sending out good vibes for a better year to come.

'Till next time! = )


Posted by Prophet - Thursday, December 28, 2017 - 8:53 PM

Santa Wolfie

Email Me Biff on Twitter -

Part 2 is right here: [Video LinkTastic!]

Huzzah! I'm done with the video stuff I needed doing. = D

These were a pain to get done. Not so much because of any major technical difficulties making them (I had the video already) but in being in the right mindset to finish them. Again... 'Angry Business Issues' kinda' hit hard enough to throw Everything off.

As for the image itself, you can see check that out in all its glory over at my Art Tumblr. -> [Art LinkTastic!]

It's back to work for me. Going to do a personal pic before I jump in on the last strip of this Story Bit. Then it's a proper break as it'll be the Holidays and I need time to write stuff.

'Till next time! = )


Posted by Prophet - Tuesday, December 19, 2017 - 11:26 PM

Filler Newspost...?! o.O

Email Me Biff on Twitter -

So I got some stuff I still need to do. It was originally going to be this newspost but now I got nothing (for the moment).

I'll drop that something here a little later. For now, I must Work! >.<


Posted by Prophet - Monday, December 18, 2017 - 10:40 PM

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